Day: October 1, 2018

FECOP Tips – How to Handle Sailfish and Marlin

How to Responsibly Handle  Sailfish and Marlin in Costa Rica

(Based on sailfish and marlin scientific research)
  • Do not remove the sailfish or marlin from the water, even for a picture. (Removal from water reduces survival rates by 60‐80% and it is illegal in Costa Rica)
  • Use Use circle hooks (It’s the law in Costa Rica). The fish is usually hooked in the jaw or corner of the mouth, making it easier to remove the hook and less harmful tothe fish.
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How to measure a billfish

How to Safely Estimate the Size of Your Billfish

How Do I Estimate the Size of my Billfish?

Estimating the weight of the fish or by measuring the fish when it is in, or alongside the boat or in the boat.

If the fish is up to 3 Ft. in length it may be carefully brought on board and measured using a standard measuring tape.

However, large fish should remain in the water

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Costa Rica’s Marine Resources – Sport Fishing Isn’t The Problem

Reader Not Fond of ‘Torturing Fish’ — but Sport Fishing in Costa Rica isn’t The Problem

By Todd Staley from the Tico Times – Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

Todd Staley FECOPI started doing the fishing column for The Tico in Costa Rica Times years ago when it still had a print edition. Four years ago I went over the side of the aptly named Cerro de la Muerte, or Mountain of Death, and tumbled 200 feet downhill, nearly killing my wife.… Read More

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