The future of Costa Rica fishing

Fishing for the Next Generation in

Fishing for the next generation in Quepos Scott Cutter / Marina Pez Vela May 20, 2019 Published for The Tico Times (Via Marina Pez Vela. ) Having completed the 20th edition of the Offshore World Championship in May, and the 7th edition of this iconic event here at Marina Pez Vela, the opportunity ...

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New Pacific Tarpon Study Needs Your

New Pacific Tarpon Study Needs Your Help Atlantic Tarpon in the Eastern Pacific 80 years after passing through the Panama Canal The opening of the Panama Canal 100 years ago allowed marine organisms that can cope with passage through 65 km of fresh water to pass between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Atlantic Tarpon, Megalops atlanticus, is...

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Costa Rica Map of places to fish

General Costa Rica Information and

Costa Rica Map and General Tourism Information See the Fish Icons below for Costa Rica fishing areas/towns. Read more general tourist information about Costa Rica below the map Costa Rica Fishing Species [carousel-horizontal-posts-content-slider] [su_button url="" style="flat" background...

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80 years of Illegal (tarpon) Immigr

Published for the Tico Times by Todd Staley Costa Rica Tarpon on the Pacific - 80 years of illegal immigration Saul Porras lands tarpon near Playa Tamales in Golfo Dulce. (Photo via Todd Staley. ) Tarpon enter through Panama at the canal and head in both directions. Some go south, settling in Colombia and as far south as Ecuado...

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marlin fishing costa rica

Marlin and Sailfish Action in Costa

Marlin and Sailfish Action off Quepos, Costa Rica FECOP Featured Marina: Pez Vela, Quepos Calm seas and great fishing equal good times in Costa Rica Published for Marlin Magazine by Sam White Perched on a narrow strip of rugged Pacific coast, snugged between the mountains and the sea, Quepos, Costa Rica, has always produce...

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River and Lake Fishing in Costa Ri

"Trout fishing in Costa Rica has been something that has grown closer and closer to me over the past 3.5 years in the jungle.”– Jesse Males - BackWater FlyFishing Being able to take people freshwater trout fishing in Costa Rica is something that still blows me away. Seeing people’s reactions to rising fish in a place not necessarily know...

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Costa Rica Fishing

Costa Rica Fishing FAQ

Frequently Asked Costa Rica Fishing Questions Can I take Sailfish or Marlin out of the water for a photo? No, it is illegal to remove sailfish and marlin (see What is a Billfish) from the water for photos or other publicity/social media photos. There are a number of ways to photograph fish that is not harmful to them. Read this article on capturi...

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Costa Rica Fishing – Where to

Costa Rica Fishing Guide: Where to Go and What You'll Find Published by Todd Staley for the Tico Times I remember years ago I would see an article about fishing in Costa Rica in a fishing magazine, or a television show about catching tarpon by the boat load in the jungle. It started a series of “bucket list” fishing fantasies in my head. I made...

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Fresh Water Fly Fishing in Costa Ri

Extreme Fresh Water Fly Fishing in Costa Rica with Jesse Males, Stone Mountain Outdoors and ADPK. FECOP - welcome to our newest association member ADPK - Associacion Deportiva Pesca de Kayak - The Costa Rican Kayak Sport Fishing Association. To kick off their membership enjoy the following videos featuring Costa Rica backwater fishing in lakes and...

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First Sailfish On The Fly – C

First Sailfish on the "Fly" by Todd Staley Photo above by Pat Ford Published for The Tico Times The angler stood on the veranda of Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, Costa Rica and looked at the vast sport fishing fleet in awe. A Colorado native and avid fly fisherman, he had never been on the ocean before. He was quite adept on his home wate...

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Searching for the World’s Las

Searching for the world's last remaining sawfish To save them, scientists must first find them. Mario Espinoza has dedicated years of his life to saving a fish he has yet to see for himself in Costa Rica’s waters. It’s not for lack of trying. Every single month, the University of Costa Rica marine scientist and his t...

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Costa Rica Sea Lion

Lost Sea Lion Visits Costa Rica for

Yet another sign Costa Rica is a great place  for fishing as a Sea Lion - a master fisherman himself, shows up for Holy Week in Costa Rica [embed]http://[/embed] Sea Lion Swims Ashore on Malpaís Beach, Costa Rica This species belongs to the family of seals and walruses, which form the group of marine mammals known...

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Costa Rica Sport FIshing

Everything You Should Know About Sp

EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT FISHING IN COSTA RICA - THE ANGLER'S PARADISE One of few places in the world you can average 10 or more billfish per day with the possibility of catching and releasing 4 different species the same day. Only few other places on earth that can beat that record!” — Press Release by Danny Lombardo for EIN Ne...

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Costa Rica Circle Hook Fishing

The Circle Hook Revolution

Costa Rica Fishing Conservation - The Circle Hook Revolution   Published for Marlin Magazine By Jan Fogt March 25, 2019 The Beginning In 1998, circle hooks exploded on the American sport-fishing scene with Capt. Ron Hamlin’s declaration that he would use nothing but circle hooks when fishing with bait. The announcement came as ...

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Visit FECOP in Person – Visit

Help Stop Illegal Fishing in Costa Rica - Come out and Sign Our Petition! Petition Signing Locations Now Available Across Costa Rica Foreigners living in San Jose with legal residency can now help STOP the Illegal fishing and the killing of sea turtles, billfish and marine mammals by signing our petition. Several local businesses in Coastal areas...

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New Video – Benefits of Sport

The positive economic benefits of sport fishing in Costa Rica as a tourism activity on both a national and local level. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] Video taken from a recent impact study by FECOP read more here...

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Costa Rica Billfish

What is a Billfish?

Can I Catch Billfish in Costa Rica? What are Billfish? Billfish can be found in Costa Rica year round, and peek in various months depending on whether or not you are in the North, Central or South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Please ask your fishing lodge, or captain the best months to find these species in Costa Rica. It is illegal to remove a bi...

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Sport Fishing Generates Nearly 500

Sport fishing tourism generates nearly 500 million dollars a year in Costa Rica or almost 13% of total tourism revenue. Published by March 11, 2019 Ana Yancy Aguilar Featured, Nationals The Costa Rican Sport Fishing Federation (FECOP) recently finalized a study that shows the social and economic contributions of  sport fishing i...

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Explaining The Costa Rica Tuna Decr

Costa Rica Fishing Conservation: Why is the Costa Rica Tuna Decree so Important? There is nothing like enjoying a fresh yellowfin tuna sushi, sashimi, or even a big fat juicy fresh tuna steak when your arms are almost too tired to lift the chopsticks. Recreational anglers are catching more tuna than ever all along the Costa Rican Pacific seaboard....

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Sailfish Hero Shot

Sailfish – The Evolution of T

Saifish -The evolution of the Hero Shot Written for the Tico Times by Todd Staley February 28, 2019 A picture recently sent to Todd Staley showing people still taking hero shots. (Photo courtesy of Todd Staley) Did you know the sailfish picture above is now illegal in Costa Rica? Ten years ago a regulation made it il...

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Help Stop Illegal Fishing – Sign the Petition

Support Local Artisnal fishing

Sign the Petition

Help Stop Illegal Fishing in Costa Rica

Stop Illegal Fishing in Costa Rica - Tuna for Ticos

Please Sign Our Petition Against Illegal Fishing in Costa Rica

It is estimated that up to 26% of tuna taken in Costa Rican territorial waters by foreign tuna purse seiners is unreported, taken illegally, never makes it to a Costa Rican port, and doesn’t benefit Costa Rica in any manner.

The tuna issue in Costa Rica is not new. A FECOP study in 2013 showed that Costa Rica tuna was being overexploited and the country was only benefiting $37 a ton from tuna captured here. FECOP presented a project “Tuna for Ticos” to President Laura Chinchilla and she signed the “tuna decree” at the tail end of her administration moving tuna seiners a total of 45 miles from the coast and protecting areas around sea mounts and Cocos Island. A total of 200,000 square kilometers of territorial was labeled for protection.

Dear Representatives,

Presidency of the Republic
Legislative Assembly Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
National Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Vice Ministry of Water and Seas
National Coast Guard Service

The situation of illegal fishing that is happening in our country is a serious problem that affects our marine resources, the national economy and that of our communities. It is for this reason that through this petition we request better controls and effective surveillance for foreign tuna fleets. Better penalization mechanisms for those who break the law of our country and exploit our resources indiscriminately. As well as support and prioritization for national fleets in the consolidation of sustainable tuna fishing in our territorial waters.
I support this request by registering my information on this petition.

**your signature**

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