Archie Fields

Costa Rica Legend Archie Fields

Remembering Costa Rica Fishing Legend Archie Fields Printed for the Tico Times by Todd Staley Archie Fields, a giant of a man, sat wearing a white guayabera shirt on the veranda overlooking the Río Colorado. Next to him were myself and two local women who worked at his hotel, the world-famous Río Colorado Lodge on Costa Rica’s nor...

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stop illegal fishing in Costa Rica

Panama Tells China No on Purse Sein

Panama Tells China: No Purse Seining in our Waters - Will Costa Rica Follow Suit Published for Sport Fishing Magazine The Panama government has announced that it will not authorize China or other countries to purse seine for tuna in its waters Ursula Marais, Tropic Star Lodge January 10, 2019 ...

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Costa Rica Marlin Fishing

Blue Marlin Biology

Blue Marlin, unlocking the evolutionary secrets of an apex predator. By Scott Bannerot published for Marlin Magazine Most of us are somewhere between infatuated and obsessed with blue marlin, but unless you’re a billfish scientist, you probably don’t understand how these lightning-fast finely honed eating machines are able to swim thousand...

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Fecop Costa Rica and Gray FishTag U

Gray FishTag Research Symposium 2018 By Gary Graham - Dec 17, 2018 Approximately 40 Gray FishTag Research Scientific Advisory Board Members, GFR Marketing Partners, scientists, marine researchers, hotel owners, fleet owners, captains, publishers, members of the press and staff were on hand when Bill Dobbe...

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Costa Rica Fishing Roosterfish

Roosterfish Tournament Results

Inaugural PanAmerican Roosterfish Tournament Results From Canada Takes Gold in Inaugural PanAmerican Roosterfish Tournament! Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica is home to an awesome fishing fleet. With all the excitement of a World Cup soccer match, 37 anglers from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Panama, and Costa Ri...

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Costa Rica Fishing

Local Fishing Spotlight – Osa

Costa Rica Local Fisherman Profile - The Osa Peninsula's Little Big Angler Tosh Craig pictured below with Roosterfish The Golfo Dulce was a big mirror of crimson as the morning fireball rises over the mountains of Panama and painted the sky like a beautiful canvas. The only sounds were the jungle behind Puntarenitas slowly coming awake, the soft ...

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Costa RIca Sailfish worth more alive than dead

Win a 5 Night Costa Rica Fishing Tr

Win a Dream Costa Rica Fishing Trip for Two at Crocodile Bay Resort - We'll even outfit you with AFTCO apparel from "Head to Toe" worth $9,270 Enter Below for your chance to win a 5 night all inclusive Costa Rica fishing vacation on a 33' Strike VIP Tower Boat with a full set of AFTCO gear from "Head to Toe". See full package details below ...

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Costa Rica Fishing, It’s Not

It's Not Always About the Fish Special Holiday Fishing Feature by Todd Staley, Communications Director FECOP One of the most exciting days fishing I ever had was in a lagoon in Nicaragua accessible by passing through myriad of rivers and creeks on the Caribbean side of  Costa Rica. Mike Holliday and I hooked over 60 tarpon on casting plugs. We ti...

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12 Facts About Goliath Grouper

12 Facts You Didn't Know About the Goliath Grouper From SportDiver.Com magazine By Dr. Richard Smith  Goliath grouper facts Michael Patrick O'Neill 1. The goliath, Epinephelus itajara, is the largest grouper in the western hemisphere, and can reach 8 feet in length a...

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Costa Rica Grouper

The Monster Fish That Made Me a Con

The Fish That Turned Me Into a Conservationist By Todd Staley - Communications Director A long, long time ago when I was in my early twenties I lived on the west coast of Florida and fished every minute I could. Blue water action was not much of an option. A 30 mile trip offshore only got you to 90 feet of water, but there were plenty of snook...

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Costa Rica Billfish

Having a Successful Costa Rica Fish

Getting The Most Out of Your Costa Rica Fishing Trip Thinking about sport fishing in Costa Rica? Costa Rica is known for some of the best billfishing (sailfish and marlin) in the world. Trolling for sailfish or marlin has a hypnotic effect on one. Staring at six or more brightly colored teasers skipping across an indigo ocean for any period of ti...

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Commericial Tuna Boat

Can a Fish Bring a Country Together

Three Billboards Outside San José, Costa Rica: Can fish bring a country together? By Todd Staley for the Tico Times November 14, 2018 A tuna-fishing boat launching speed boats. (Courtesy FECOP) If you are driving from Juan Santamaría International Airport toward San José, you will pass two sets of billboards. Lette...

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Costa Rica offshore fishing

The Science of Offshore Fishing

Effective management of offshore fisheries helps pelagic species become hard-fighting machines By Jason Schratwieser, Conservation Director, IGFA December 19, 2017 published by Marlin Magazine Our favorite offshore species are some of the world’s most supremely engineered fish. We should do what we can to protect them. ...

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Three Billboards Warn of Illegal Fi

Three Billboards Outside San José, Costa Rica: Can a fish bring a country together Published by Sport Fishing Magazine Online Edition     These billboards, modeled after the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, now appear prominently along the highway connecting Costa Rica’s capital, San...

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Costa Rica Roosterfish Tournament

1st Roosterfish Tournament Nears

Costa Rica's Famous Roosterfish Finally Gets its' Own Tournament! Costa Rica's 1st International Tournament Set to Kickoff November 16th, 2018 ( Enter Here ) at Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica's South Pacific. Costa Rica really hit the jackpot when it comes to sportfishing. From the river mouths to the bluewaters and way inland, the countr...

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Deep Jigging in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Fishing - Deep Jigging Costa Rica Oddities Article from Florida Fishing Weekly "Jigging the depths of Costa Rica's Golfo Dulce brings returns of grouper, snapper, African pompano…as well as a host of other strange-looking fish. Better yet, it’s within sight of shore" This is the time of year the rain forest shows its stuff on Costa ...

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High Tech Albatross

Curbing Illegal Fishing With High T

Tech-tagged albatrosses bode ill for rogue trawlers as French Navy battles illegal fishing Published by Mariners of old believed that an albatross following their ship signified good luck, but fishermen illegally trawling the Indian Ocean now have cause to be wary of the majestic seabirds...

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How to Catch Cubera Snapper in Cost

If there are rocks, there are snapper, and that pretty much describes the entire Pacific coast of Costa Rica Article from Florida Fishing Weekly by Todd Staley "Rocks and big poppers equals aggressive cubera snapper in Costa Rica" This particular reef has a peak that rises an additional 40 feet. Today it was something unusual. In the clear water...

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Costa Rica Roosterish

Costa Rica Fishing Species –

FECOP Sport Fishing Species - Roosterfish Experience the thrill of the roosterfish, one the worlds most extreme fighting fish (pound for pound) in Costa Rica's inshore waters (catch and release species) Unlike  pelagic species, roosterfish are found inshore and can be targeted year round in Costa Rica. Roosterfish average 10-15 lbs but individual...

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Costa Rica Roosterfish

Costa Rica Roosterfish – A Fi

Costa Rica Roosterfish - One of Costa Rica's Most Sought After Inshore Fish - Catch and Release only Written by Todd Staley for the Tico Times Super Bowl placekicker Adam Vinatieri shows not all roosterfish are monsters. Most visiting anglers come to this country with either marlin, sailfish, or tarpon on their bucket list. These are all...

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Help Stop Illegal Fishing – Sign the Petition

Support Local Artisnal fishing

Sign the Petition

Help Stop Illegal Fishing in Costa Rica

Stop Illegal Fishing in Costa Rica - Tuna for Ticos

Please Sign Our Petition Against Illegal Fishing in Costa Rica

It is estimated that up to 26% of tuna taken in Costa Rican territorial waters by foreign tuna purse seiners is unreported, taken illegally, never makes it to a Costa Rican port, and doesn’t benefit Costa Rica in any manner.

The tuna issue in Costa Rica is not new. A FECOP study in 2013 showed that Costa Rica tuna was being overexploited and the country was only benefiting $37 a ton from tuna captured here. FECOP presented a project “Tuna for Ticos” to President Laura Chinchilla and she signed the “tuna decree” at the tail end of her administration moving tuna seiners a total of 45 miles from the coast and protecting areas around sea mounts and Cocos Island. A total of 200,000 square kilometers of territorial was labeled for protection.

Dear Representatives,

Presidency of the Republic
Legislative Assembly Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
National Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Vice Ministry of Water and Seas
National Coast Guard Service

The situation of illegal fishing that is happening in our country is a serious problem that affects our marine resources, the national economy and that of our communities. It is for this reason that through this petition we request better controls and effective surveillance for foreign tuna fleets. Better penalization mechanisms for those who break the law of our country and exploit our resources indiscriminately. As well as support and prioritization for national fleets in the consolidation of sustainable tuna fishing in our territorial waters.
I support this request by registering my information on this petition.

**your signature**

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