Sport Fishing Generates Nearly 500 Million Dollars Annually in Costa Rica

Sport fishing tourism generates nearly 500 million dollars a year in Costa Rica or almost 13% of total tourism revenue. Published by March 11, 2019 Ana Yancy Aguilar Featured, Nationals The Costa Rican Sport Fishing Federation (FE...

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Explaining The Costa Rica Tuna Decree

Costa Rica Fishing Conservation: Why is the Costa Rica Tuna Decree so Important? There is nothing like enjoying a fresh yellowfin tuna sushi, sashimi, or even a big fat juicy fresh tuna steak when your arms are almost too tired to lift the chopstick...

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Sailfish Hero Shot

Sailfish – The Evolution of The Hero Shot

Saifish -The evolution of the Hero Shot Written for the Tico Times by Todd Staley February 28, 2019 A picture recently sent to Todd Staley showing people still taking hero shots. (Photo courtesy of Todd Staley) Did you kn...

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Orcas Spotted In Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

Anglers catch some great Orca Video this week just outside of Cabo Matapalo Video taken 2/28/2019 outside of Cabo Matapalo, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica More information about Orcas from Costa Rica Journeys Common Name: Orca, Killer Whale Type...

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Flying Fish – A Bird in the Hand

Flying Fish Crash Lands in Boat Photo From Fathomlesslife This guy flew inside the boat and knocked himself out!! After a quick photo and regaining consciousness he was back on his way! 😍🐟 FACTS: The Flight Process The...

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costa rica jack creavalle

Inshore Fishing – Jacks or Better to Open

Costa Rica Inshore Fishing: Jacks or Better to Open Published for the Tico Times by Todd Staley February 23, 2019 for the better part of the year, the rivers running into the Caribbean side of Costa Rica look like coffee with cream becau...

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womens fishing tournament

Fishing Tournament Against Trafficking of Minors

Pescadora Billfish Championship to support organization against trafficking of minors By Didier Fernández Special sponsored article to A.M. Costa Rica For the first time, women who love sport fishing will go to sea in a world-class retouch to c...

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Costa Rica Fishing Tournament

New Women’s Tournament to Fight Child Trafficking

Quepos Hosts Women's Fishing Tournament in Quepos, Costa Rica This Week For the first time in Costa Rica, women who love sport fishing will go to sea in a world-class retouch to compete for the title of Best International Fisher-woman during the Bil...

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