Costa Rica Fishing FAQ

Facebook Twitter Shares Frequently Asked Costa Rica Fishing Questions Can I take Sailfish or Marlin out of the water for a photo? No, it is illegal to remove sailfish and marlin (see What is a Billfish) from the water for photos or other publicity/social media photos. There are a number of ways to photograph fish that is not harmful to them. Read this article on capturing Costa Rica fishing photos with minimal impact. Do I have to use circle hooks in Costa Rica? Yes circle hooks are required by law in Costa Rica when fishing any live bait. Other kinds of hooks are damaging to the fish because they are more likely to swallow the hooks. For more information about using or installing circle hooks during your Costa Rica fishing trip read this article The Circle Hook Revolution Do you need a Fishing License in Costa Rica? Yes, a fishing license is required and you can purchase them online before your Costa Rica fishing trip.┬áLearn more or purchase a Costa Rica fishing license here Where Can I find Costa Rica Fishing Laws and Regulations? FECOP has all the most recent Costa Rica fishing laws and regulations available online and for download. Costa Rica fishing regulations What is FECOP? Sport and recreational fishing has contributed actively to the coastal development of our country since its consolidation over a period of almost 70 years. Fishing clubs, tourism operators and the different stakeholders in sport fishing have contributed to the positioning of this … Continue reading Costa Rica Fishing FAQ