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03 Sep. 17

Tournament Playa Del Cocos

FECOP to Sponsor Youth Portion of Tournament "La Voz Del Pescador" September 2nd and 3rd - Playas Del Coco Guanacaste

Due to the success of Responsible Fishing events for youth, we have decided to offer the first Open Edition of the La Voz del Pescador International Tournament, with the purpose of continuing to carry out this kind of event that promotes responsible fishing, sustainability of marine resources and the conservation of the Guanacaste sectors. La Voz del Pescador is hosting this fishing tournament with the main purpose of sensitizing the artisanal ishing sector, as well as the sport and tourism fishing community of Guanacaste and the population in general, motivating them to a change of culture, habits and good practices in the sustainable management of the marine resources and environment. Our goal is to promote activities that integrate all of these elements in a manner that creates job sources in the artisanal, sport and tourism fishing sectors.

 OBJECTIVES: Promote catch and release fishing, sustainability of the marine resources, conservation of the environment, demonstration of nautical and artisanal products and local entrepreneurship through the fishing tournament for improved economic and touristic development within the province.


• Promote sport fishing as a recreational, productive and responsible sport that provides better jobs to the community of Guanacaste and surrounding areas.

•Achieve a change of attitude in the sport, artisanal and tourism fishing community towards more sustainable fishing practices.

•FECOP is sponsoring the youth portion of this tournament

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