Costa Rica Fishing Species – Pacific Blue Marlin

Facebook Twitter Shares FECOP  Costa Rica Fishing Species Pacific Blue Marlin WHERE FOUND IN COSTA RICA: Marlin can be found all along Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. They are a pelagic and migratory species which means they live near the surface in deep, off-shore waters. They typically are found in warmer tropical waters between 70-85 degrees, which Costa Rica has year round. Marlin Time in Costa Rica: Marlin can be and have been caught year round in Costa Rica. Historically, the best months for blue marlin in the Southern and Central Pacific regions of Costa Rica (Osa Peninsula, Quepos, Jaco) are November through January. Most years there is usually a ‘second run’ of marlin around June and July which may include an increase in black and striped marlin mixed in with the blues. Marlin are also found in the northwestern part of Costa Rica – Guanacaste from May to September when the bite then moves north along the coast with the drier weather and warmer waters. Marlin Facts – Did You Know: Sometimes referred to as “The Lady in Blue” Average life span: 27 years (females); 18 years (males) It is illegal to take a sailfish or marlin out of the water for photos in Costa Rica Marlins are “Catch and Release” ONLY fish – Learn why it is against the law to remove these fish from the water in Costa Rica Best time of year to catch a Pacific blue marlin in Costa Rica – Year round peaking in Nov – … Continue reading Costa Rica Fishing Species – Pacific Blue Marlin