How and Where to Catch Trophy Roosterfish

Facebook Twitter Shares Where and How to Catch Trophy Roosterfish What you need to know to catch the Eastern Pacific’s iconic roosterfish By Dave Lewis 13 hours ago published for SportFishing Magazine Tough guy of nearshore reefs, rocky headlands and sandy bays, roosterfish — iconic game fish of the Eastern Pacific — is a bucket-lister for many anglers. Adrian E. Gray A lazy swell rolled in from the open Pacific, gradually forming into a single cresting wave as it encountered ever-shallower water. Our panga steadily chugged along at little more than a walking pace just behind the surf line, so close to the verdant jungle backdrop that I could see flocks of scarlet macaws browsing on sea almonds. Beaches such as this offer prime real estate for predators to pick off smaller fish that dart about the turbulent water to feed on the countless shrimp, sand eels, shellfish and other tasty tidbits revealed by powerful wave action continually scouring the sandy seabed. An open beach off Panama’s Coiba Island is not a great place for a lone blue runner to be swimming, especially one bridle-rigged to a circle hook. Certainly the fish so tethered at the end of my line was not having the best of days, and a sudden increase in activity telegraphed up the rod told me things were about to get much worse for that hapless baitfish. Nematistius pectoralis occur in a limited area, mainly from Mexican waters south through Ecuador. Sport Fishing I tensed in anticipation of … Continue reading How and Where to Catch Trophy Roosterfish