Costa Rica fishing reports

FECOP KIDS – Educational Programs for C

Educational programs for Costa Rican youth. Through training workshops, and Fun Kids and Family fishing tournaments, FECOP is bringing together Costa Rica’s youth while teaching about conservation of our waterways and the benefit and impor...

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Commericial Tuna Boat

Can a Fish Bring a Country Together?

Three Billboards Outside San José, Costa Rica: Can fish bring a country together? By Todd Staley for the Tico Times November 14, 2018 A tuna-fishing boat launching speed boats. (Courtesy FECOP) If you are ...

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Costa Rica offshore fishing

The Science of Offshore Fishing

Effective management of offshore fisheries helps pelagic species become hard-fighting machines By Jason Schratwieser, Conservation Director, IGFA December 19, 2017 published by Marlin Magazine Our favorite offshore specie...

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Three Billboards Warn of Illegal Fishing in C

Three Billboards Outside San José, Costa Rica: Can a fish bring a country together Published by Sport Fishing Magazine Online Edition     These billboards, modeled after the movie Three Bil...

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Costa Rica Roosterfish Tournament

1st Roosterfish Tournament Nears

Costa Rica's Famous Roosterfish Finally Gets its' Own Tournament! Costa Rica's 1st International Tournament Set to Kickoff November 16th, 2018 ( Enter Here ) at Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica's South Pacific. Costa Rica really hi...

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Deep Jigging in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Fishing - Deep Jigging Costa Rica Oddities Article from Florida Fishing Weekly "Jigging the depths of Costa Rica's Golfo Dulce brings returns of grouper, snapper, African pompano…as well as a host of other strange-looking fish...

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High Tech Albatross

Curbing Illegal Fishing With High Tech Albatr

Tech-tagged albatrosses bode ill for rogue trawlers as French Navy battles illegal fishing Published by Mariners of old believed that an albatross following their ship signified ...

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How to Catch Cubera Snapper in Costa Rica

If there are rocks, there are snapper, and that pretty much describes the entire Pacific coast of Costa Rica Article from Florida Fishing Weekly by Todd Staley "Rocks and big poppers equals aggressive cubera snapper in Costa Rica" This ...

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Costa Rica Roosterish

Costa Rica Fishing Species – Roosterfis

FECOP Sport Fishing Species - Roosterfish Experience the thrill of the roosterfish, one the worlds most extreme fighting fish (pound for pound) in Costa Rica's inshore waters (catch and release species) Unlike  pelagic species, roosterfi...

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