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Costa Rica fishing reports

FECOP Scholarship Project

Through an alliance signed by FECOP and Gray Fish Tag Research, a scholarship program is carried out in which 3 researches contribute to the creation of synergies and collaboration bridges to advance the scientific knowledge of species of economic importance for Sport Fishing. These fellowships are part of the actions set out in the FECOP Science Program. In addition, the research that will be carried out with these scholarships will make it possible to take advantage of and show the scientific potential of Gray Fish Tag Research program who’s International Fish Marking Program offers an unequaled opportunity to carry out scientific research on the ecology and biology of species of sport fishing and tourism importance.… Read More “FECOP Scholarship Project”

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Tuna for Ticos

Tuna for Tico’s

Tuna for TicosFECOP is responsible for the current protection of tuna “Tuna for Tico’s” Presidential Decree signed in 2014: Moving the practice of purse seine fishing beyond the coast, from 12 miles to 45 miles .

3 polygon areas have been created where fishing with purse seine is not allowed, these polygons are: Coastal, oceanic, special polygon.

New Tuna Purse Seine Fishing License Proposal Supplying the science for the proposed reduction of purse-seine tuna licenses from 44 to 8 and putting a quota limit on total catch, between 8 and 11 metric tons per year depending on the amount of resource (biomass).… Read More “Tuna for Tico’s”

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Gray Fish Tag Program

For the last few years FECOP has teamed with Gray Fish-Tag research and many of our members are actively tagging fish. Our scholarship program using Costa Rican University students has been taking tissue samples as well as tagging studying the feeding ecology of gamefish

Gray FishTag Research is an international and fully interactive fish tagging program powered by the world’s largest network of fishing professionals consisting of approximately 10,000 charter boat captains and mates.

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Decreasing Bycatch

Facilitated a program with INA (Instututo Nacional de Aprendezaje), a government sponsored tech school in Costa Rica, designed to teach commercial fishermen selective fishing practices such as the use of green stick for tuna fishing as well as INCOPESCA a government fisheries organization. Teaching  implementation of fishing with Greenstick and vertical line to promote the selective capture of yellow fin tuna and to verify the effectiveness of these practices, benefiting the fleet of commercial fisherman and thus decreasing bycatch of billfish and other species.Read More “Decreasing Bycatch”

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