Decreasing Bycatch

Facilitated a program with INA (Instututo Nacional de Aprendezaje), a government sponsored tech school in Costa Rica, designed to teach commercial fishermen selective fishing practices such as the use of green st

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FECOP Scholarship Project

Through an alliance signed by FECOP and Gray Fish Tag Research, a scholarship program is carried out in which 3 researches contribute to the creation of synergies and collaboration bridges to advance the scientif

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Gray Fish Tag Program

For the last few years FECOP has teamed with Gray Fish-Tag research and many of our members are actively tagging fish. Our scholarship program using Costa Rican University students has been taking tissue sampl

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Tuna for Ticos

Tuna for Tico’s

FECOP is responsible for the current protection of tuna “Tuna for Tico’s” Presidential Decree signed in 2014: Moving the practice of purse seine fishing beyond the coast, from 12 miles to 45 miles . http://www.ti

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