Lost Sea Lion Visits Costa Rica for the Holiday Weekend

Facebook Twitter Shares Yet another sign Costa Rica is a great place  for fishing as a Sea Lion – a master fisherman himself, shows up for Holy Week in Costa Rica Sea Lion Swims Ashore on Malpaís Beach, Costa Rica This species belongs to the family of seals and walruses, which form the group of marine mammals known as pinnipeds. NCRNoticias.Com Editorial Staff Published: April 18, 2 This Thursday a Sea Lion was seen on a beach in Malpaís Costa Rica. A user of social networks recorded the moment in which the mammal left the sea to perch on the rocks. Sea lions are always in areas close to the coast and are cooler than tropical waters, so it is not common to see them in Costa Rica, but rather in South America or very in the north. In Costa Rica, there have been sightings on the beaches of Punta de Banco, Pavones de Golfito, and San Pedrillo, in the Corcovado National Park, located in the province of Puntarenas, as reported by tourists and foresters to the press. One possibility of the arrival of these mammals is to hunt food and move away from their natural area, it can also be by marine currents, but they do not get to stay, and they do not establish a population here. The sea lion is a carnivore that fishes and, according to its species, is very social, so it seeks to be in large communities other sea lions. It is very risky … Continue reading Lost Sea Lion Visits Costa Rica for the Holiday Weekend