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Costa RIca Sailfish worth more alive than dead

Do I Need a Fishing License in Costa Rica?

Do I Need to Purchase a Fishing License Before my Costa Rica Fishing Trip?

Every person in your group who will be fishing in Costa Rica will require a government issued (INCOPESCA) fishing license. If you have reserved your fishing trip/vacation through a Costa Rica fishing lodge or resort, be sure to check and see if your license(s) are incuded in your fishing package. If you have purchased lodging only and need a fishing license you can purchase one in the country or online here:

Costa Rica fishing license online


Purchase your fishing license online

Click here to Purchase Your Costa Rica Fishing license Online

by clicking the above link you will exit FECOP (www.fishcostarica.org)

Dear Anglers Do you Know That:

According to Law number 8436, art 75, everyone on board a sport fishing boat must carry a fishing permit extended by national authority INCOPESCA. You can get your personal permit through the website www.incopesca.go.cr or visit one of our offices enlisted below. Tour operators or captains can also get in advance personal permits I valid for up to 8 days. Permits valid for a month or a year additionally require a small Instituto Costarricense photo (passport size) and a copy of the identification document.

de Pesca Y Aculcuttura

INCOPESCA in coordination with the Coastguard National Service and the fishing sector aim is to promote the catch and release practice in order to comply with the principle of sustainable and responsible fishery (law 8436, art 68).

Only 5 fish per fishing trip are allowed to be landed, independent of the number of fishermen on board. (Decree 36782).

The sport-fishing license can be bought through the website: www.incopesca.go.cr or at the INCOPESCA offices, located in:

Cuajiniquil 26300621
Playas del Coco 26300622 ,839
Nicoya 26300623 772,773
Quepos 26300624
Golfito 26300625
Lim6n 26300627 / 2758,3170 781 ,782
Puntarenas 26300600
Herradura 26376017 850
San José 26300929 787
Heredia 26300628

Note: obtaining licenses for a month or a year require the presentation of a Passport-size photographand the identification document (AJDlP-353-201 6). www.fishcostarica.org

Costa Rica Sport Fishing and Tourism

Costa Rica is classified as one of the best sport fishing destinations in Central America, and is visited by thousands of tourists from around the world that come to the country to enjoy this world-class sport. The sport and tourism fishing industry is well developed throughout the country, with prestigious and reliable tour operators on both the Caribbean and on Pacific coasts that take sports fishermen and fisherwomen to enjoy amazing fishing adventures both near the coasts, and farther out to sea. These highly specialized operators offer fishing packages or days in fully registered boats which have professional equipment and experienced captains and sailors who will take tourists to the best places for every season of the year so that your fishing day or season will be a success.

Since Costa Rica is a small country, both coasts are easily and quickly accessible by land or air. It is possible to travel from San José, the capital, to the Pacific coast in one hour, and to the Caribbean in two and a half hours.

Costa Rica has two international airports, one in Alajuela in the central part of the country, and another one in Liberia, in the Northwestern region of the country, only 30 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean. Two national internal airlines can carry sports fishermen and fisherwomen to more distant places, where they can be ready for action in less than thirty to forty-five minutes.

Costa Rica is a country with an enormous spirit of conservation for sustainable use of species. In the case of species such as billfish, including the different species of marlins and sailfish, there is catch and release fishing, and captains are highly trained so that tourists may take a photo but with the fish in the water to make their release easy without causing any damage to the fish.

Other species may be taken, and some lodges will be happy to prepare them for your lunch or dinner.

It is important for both local and foreign fishermen and fisherwomen to remember that in Costa Rica they must carry their current fishing license to fish from a boat. Licenses or carnets may be acquired through the Web page of INCOPESCA (the Costa Rican Fishing and Aquiculture Institute), at www.incopesca.go.cr, or in any Regional Office of this Institution.

There are two sports fishing clubs in San José which organize tournaments and activities throughout the year: the Club Amateur de Pesca, and the Club Nacional de Pesca. There are other smaller clubs in different parts of the country.

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