Costa Rica fishing Satelite Tagging Program

FECOP to Tag 25 Marlin and 25 Sailfish – Seeking Volunteers

Dr. Larry Crowder to SAT tag 25 marlin and 25 sailfish in Costa Rica this season. Dr Larry Crowder and FECOP will be placing Satellite Tags in 25 marlin and 25 sailfish this upcoming season. Looking for volunteers to either be trained to tag these fish or allow a biologist to ride along and tag. Especially interested to tag some marlin on FADs to see what these fish are doing. Dr. Crowder will be in the country September 23-27 to speak to prospective taggers. Leave message and we will contact you (Marlin Magazine Photo) for more information:

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  • phillip Erickson

    When exactly are you planning on tagging ? We are leaving CR for Cabo now , will be back after the new year . I would love to be a part of this . We primarily fish the FAD’s on a monthly basis , would really like to tag a marlin for you . Would participants be able to see the data from the tag ?

    If this is for next year , count us in . Was planning on talking to TBF about this as well

    Thanks , PJ

    • 7:34 pm - September 15, 2018

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    • admin

      Hello Phillip…we should have some exact dates within the week, you can email todd “at” for details. Thank you for inquiring about the FECOP sailfish and marlin sat tagging project! Warm regards, FECOP staff

      • 11:09 pm - September 21, 2018

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