10 Steps to Reduce Illegal Fishing Globally

Facebook Twitter Shares Ten Principles for Global Transparency in the Fishing Industry Out of the Shadows: Improving Transparency in Global Fisheriesfrom Environmental Justice Foundation By MarEx 2018-10-27 18:36:02 The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) has published its 10 principles for global transparency in the fishing industry in a new report. EJF’s report and film asserts that the global fishing industry suffers from a shocking lack of transparency, allowing illegal operators to create as much confusion as possible around their identities; escaping detection by changing vessel names; concealing ownership; flying different flags to avoid detection; or removing ships from registers entirely. Vessel identification systems – which allow the boats to be tracked – are tampered with, switched off or missing altogether; front companies are set up so that the true beneficiaries of illegal practices can evade prosecution. These activities allow illegal fishing to thrive, says the EJF. It is estimated that illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing costs the global economy between $10 – 23.5 billion every year and is a critical factor undermining efforts to achieve sustainable fisheries. Vulnerable coastal communities that rely on healthy fish stocks for food security and income suffer as a consequence. In West Africa, a region with some of the highest levels of illegal fishing, 6.7 million people depend directly on fisheries for food and livelihoods. Illegal fishing creates a vicious cycle of degradation and decline, says the EJF. As ocean ecosystems are degraded and fish stocks fall, so does income from the vessels. To scrape a … Continue reading 10 Steps to Reduce Illegal Fishing Globally