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Can I take Sailfish or Marlin out of the water for a photo?

No, it is illegal to remove sailfish and marlin (see What is a Billfish) from the water for photos or other publicity/social media photos. There are a number of ways to photograph fish that is not harmful to them. Read this article on capturing Costa Rica fishing photos with minimal impact.

Do I have to use circle hooks in Costa Rica?

Yes circle hooks are required by law in Costa Rica when fishing any live bait. Other kinds of hooks are damaging to the fish because they are more likely to swallow the hooks. For more information about using or installing circle hooks during your Costa Rica fishing trip read this article The Circle Hook Revolution

Do you need a Fishing License in Costa Rica?

Yes, a fishing license is required and you can purchase them online before your Costa Rica fishing tripLearn more or purchase a Costa Rica fishing license here

Where Can I find Costa Rica Fishing Laws and Regulations?

FECOP has all the most recent Costa Rica fishing laws and regulations available online and for download. Costa Rica fishing regulations

What is FECOP?

Sport and recreational fishing has contributed actively to the coastal development of our country since its consolidation over a period of almost 70 years. Fishing clubs, tourism operators and the different stakeholders in sport fishing have contributed to the positioning of this activity, above and beyond any promotion by the State.

More than 60,000 direct and indirect jobs, as well as a contribution of 330 million dollars to Costa Rica’s gross domestic product, are among the benefits obtained from this activity. In addition to this information recognized and produced by different sources, sport fishing has other less visible impacts and benefits. It represents a socioeconomic sector with a special dynamic that needs to be understood from a scientific and technical perspective so as to boost its growth and contribution to Costa Rican society.

FECOP assumes this challenge and will work with the sector in the generation of knowledge to benefit both the sport fishing and the fisheries sectors and Costa Rican society as a whole.

What Kind of Fishing Does Costa Rica offer?

Costa Rica fishing is good year round. Although certain target catch and release species e.g. sailfish and marlin peak in certain months, other inshore release fish such as roosterfish, snappers, jacks, African pompano and others may be targeted year round.

What is the best time of year to find billfish in Costa Rica?
Peak times for Costa Rica billfish vary depending on which part of the Pacific coast you’re on.

Can I catch Tarpon in Costa Rica?

Yes, Tarpon can be found on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast. Read more about tarpon fishing in Costa Rica here.

When should I go Fishing in Costa Rica?

Sailfish, marlin, dorado, tuna, and wahoo can be caught any day in Costa Rica but these pelagic species peak at different times, consult your fishing lodge or guide for peak times. You can also read this primer/guide on Costa Rica fishing and what to expect here

How do I catch Snook in Costa Rica?

There are variety of ways to fish for Snook or robalo in Costa Rica. Here is an article on one of Costa Rica’s best snook fisherman

Can I Eat Roosterfish?

Roosterfish are protected and may not be taken. They are a catch and release species and one of the oceans top fighting fish with amazing physical attributes. Learn more about Costa Rica roosterfish fishing here

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