FECOP and Larry Dahlberg Team up to Create Jobs for Displaced Workers

Facebook Twitter Shares Production of artificial fishing lures for displaced shrimp industry workers FECOP and Legendary Fisherman Larry Dahlberg Team up to Help Employ Displaced Shrimp Industry Workers Todd Staley February 7, 2019 Published for The Tico Times   A group of former shrimp peelers listen to a plan to teach them lure making. (Photo courtesy of Todd Staley) Many people applauded Costa Rica for outlawing shrimp trawling last year. The new ruling has survived many court challenges and even today the shrimp industry and INCOPESCA, which manages the country’s fisheries, is doing technical studies on a supposedly sustainable type of trawling. Henry Marin, a socioeconomic expert and project manager for FECOP, an organization that advocates for sport fishing and of sustainable fishing in Costa Rica, understands that conservation also has a social cost. “What most people don’t realize is that the ruling displaced 300 women in Puntarenas who worked as shrimp peelers that now are left unemployed. Many of these women are the heads of their households,” Marin said. Hundreds of people in Puntarenas were employed by the trawling industry. Larry Dahlberg, the legendary fisherman, lure maker, and host of television show Hunt for Big Fish, visited Costa Rica recently and Marin explained the shrimp peeler blight. They both agreed that conservation had a social cost. Then they agreed they could do something about it. Dahlberg has designed many famous fishing lures and last year offered to come down and teach these women displaced from the shrimping industry how to … Continue reading FECOP and Larry Dahlberg Team up to Create Jobs for Displaced Workers