Snook (Robalo)

Facebook Twitter Shares Costa Rica Fishing Species – Snook (Robalo) Costa Rica Snook Facts There are 6 varieties of Snook in Costa Rica with Black Snook having the genetic predisposition to grow the largest. The most recent snook world record was a Black Snook out of Costa Rica. Read about the Captain who’s boat landed the world record Snook here. The common Snook is a voracious predator and an amazing fighter. It’s also white flaky meat is highly prized. Because of this it is highly sought after in areas like Florida and Costa Rica. Snook spend part of their in fresh and saltwater – they can live in either. It is illegal to buy or sell snook in the USA….If you want to eat one, you have to go catch one Costa Rica produces some of the biggest Snook in the world with the both the current and previous world records coming out of Costa Rica – The biggest a Black Snook weighing in at 60lbs Snook are hermaphrodites and change sex throughout their lives from male to female, the exact reason is unknown but being studied. CENTROPOMIDAE FAMILY also Called Robalo (From the IGFA Fish Database) The genus Centropomus is confined to the American tropics and subtropics. Six species occur in the Atlantic and six in the Pacific. None occur in both oceans. They inhabit shallow coastal waters, estuaries and brackish lagoons, often penetrating far inland in fresh water. Their movements between fresh and salt water are seasonal, but … Continue reading Snook (Robalo)